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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Found these two gems today (Javascript)

So I'm not some uber-JS programmer, let's just get that right out.  I know how to program and Javascript makes sense to me, until you add all those stupid extensions people throw at it like some kind of tacky christmas tree.

For a long time I've wanted to make a pure JS version of my MWDA (Mechwarrior: Dark Age) game for the browser.  However, my limitation was that I didn't understand how to get past the portion of actually outputting beyond using the alerts and stuff built into JS.

Enter the canvas element.  A cursory search today revealed an incredibly simple fix for this conundrum:


So the canvas, which is apparently a newish HTML element is one that is specifically made for people trying to do what I'm trying to do. Which makes it perfect for this iteration.   You basically get a blank drawing space.  I feel kind of dumb for not finding this before.  So when I've got time and I don't feel like reading RHEL Clustering Tech manuals, guess what else I'll be thinking about?

So .. WTF Mike?

Yeah, this is kind of how I feel.  I'm missing deadlines pretty regularly here with my weather/time of day system.  That's because it's not being worked on.  I have been in the process of switching jobs and it tends to occupy me completely until I develop a new routine.  So expect a few months of upheaval.

That said a few things have been done lately:
1) I've been working on my book project intermittently again.  Note, it's not related to the Neo-Monagasque books.   Thank god.  It's a one shot single story.  I'm hoping to bundle it and some others into their own collection of novellas.

2) I am finalizing a really simple script I'm going to put on the store.  It's for a truck game I am making for my son.  It lets you pick up loads and earn income.  Very basic stuff.  It's a series of about 5-6 scripts which all perform different functions.  I want to make a simple demo game to go with this.

3) Every good list should have a third item.  Uhhhh... yeah

Games-wise I finished Dragon Age Inquisition.  It's probably the best game I've played in at least ten years.  The Trespasser DLC absolutely makes it though; as good as DAI is, the ending is weak without Trespasser.  With Trespasser it's just perfect.  So since then I've been playing StarPoint Gemini 2 - primarily because I've been watching The Expanse, which is a really excellent Sci-Fi Show.  I commandeer some 'upgrades' for my ships, sell the excess, make a big profit.  Fun game, I'm hoping finishing it won't take too long.  I know my wife and her WoW account are calling so I'll have to start spending time there soon too despite my disdain for WoW.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

So apparently, this is a thing.

Amenmoses managed to do this in Game-Guru using the updated AI stuff from 2.28.

Relevant thread:

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Updates and changes, misc errata

I'm moving to a new job soon so that's occupied most of my energies.

It was rather unexpected, but is welcome.  We'll see how it turns out.

Also still mucking around with Unreal; which reminded me of this which I will add to the links on the right for game-guru; it's a visual Lua editor someone made a ways back.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Weather system update info

So wow, Lee gave us a great big gift basket of stuff. (SEE:

I'm going to implement a few extra controls based on the new Lua commands and then prepare this thing for launch.

My biggest issue right now that I am not satisfied with is I don't have a good way to deal with the weather systems.  I've monkeyed with the shaders, created a custom decal, etc, and just can't get it the way I want.

Unfortunately this is becoming a time sink and will need revisited in a future version.
Currently what I have supports:

Random weather if selected via variable
Random Time of day if selected via variable
A set time of day (you walk into a zone and it sets it to that time of day, single use)
A set weather (you walk into a zone and weather is enabled)
All weather turning off indoors via trigger zone
A progressive day/night cycle based on both step interval speed and delay between cycles.  Totally within the control specified by the user.  This is the on you see shown in the video.  You can add random or set weather to it as well via trigger zones or variables.

What needs added before release:
1) one final tuning run on the blue zone which I have a good fix on making how I want
2) new lua implementation of sun surface/lens flare (disabling for night specifically).
3) modified versions of algosteps decals need a last tune.  I don't like his originals that much because the decals are too thick or not transparent enough.  If anyone wants to step up and provide nicer looking visual elements for those Rain/Snow/Dust boxes I'm sure I can provide you a free of charge copy of my final product.
4) a final test run, really comprehensively.  I'm sure bugfixes will inevitably be necessary after users get their mitts on it but overall it should be a good clean setup.

Current cost for this package will be 15$ and I'm not sure I'll be doing it via the store since there are some complex elements which need to be done manually (like you pretty much need the updated sky shader if you want a good result from here: 

Thanks for the support and interest.  Please keep an eye out as this will likely be released in the next week or so.