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Monday, January 21, 2019

This Week in GameGuru - 01/21/2019

Apologies for the short weekly review here, I am in crunch mode for the book for the next few weeks.

Official GameGuru News:
Looks like more updates are happening with the PBR quality improvement passes. 
Unfortunately the issues log continues to grow.  Here's to hoping Lee and team can get some of those big ticket items knocked off the list.

What's Good in the Store: 

Looks like Graphix put up a nice looking radio and BSP added his first new weapon pack in a while.  I love the Pancor Jackhammer, aesthetically so I'm looking forward to picking this pack up myself and testing it out!

Free Stuff:

Graphix put out an amazing looking light-sword (cough not a saber, more like a rapier, honest).  Make sure you get a copy here:

Third Party Tutorials and Tools:

Nothing new here, sorry kids.

Random Acts of Creativity (WIPS):

I'm getting absolutely bombarded with everyone's post-new years works - so apologies if I missed anything pertinent.

Current the big news is Synchromesh put out a new copy of Protascope and it looks great!

I'm really looking forward to this one, as it presents interesting game mechanics for the GameGuru genre of games.  The menu alone looks much better than previous iterations so definitely keep your eyes open!

I'm also happy to report Bonesy is still working on his yet unnamed project.

Ramiro put a new demo video up for Psalm of Salem.  Here's a link for those interested:

It looks pretty nice and doesn't appear to be having framerate issues so that's a huge boon for a Forest map.  He's definitely gotten my attention, at least.

Guns of Solo got a demo video uploaded as well.  Check out the information on the post here:

3com is putting up a new project. His take is different but the texturing is definitely going to hold him back unless he can find a way to improve the graphical fidelity.  Still, it's a solid effort in a new direction.

In My Own Works:

I've gotten a TREMENDOUS amount of work done over the past week.  I literally added another 5000 words to the book by simply updating the appendixes that I have added.  I have to say if you had no other reason to buy the book - this would do it.  I've torn apart code, read internal documentation, tested, verified with others and a host of other things just to answer questions that simply are assumed by most of the coders involved.  My personal editor continues his trek into my book and while there's been some very large cleanups overall feedback has been really positive.
I'm looking forward to being done with this phase, though this week it's all about taking pictures for the book.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

This Week in Game-Guru - 1/14/2018

This week's update will be a bit shorter than usual as I am in crunch mode for my book (which goes to the publisher in Feb).

So just a quick pass on the GameGuru stuff from this last week:

Official GameGuru News

Nothing official but it seems the issues list on Github is climbing ever higher. Maybe we'll see some of those get knocked off soon?  

What's Good in the Store

Lots of good things out there this week, notably the RPG pack by moshroom and the music packs shown below.  

However, it seems Dvader dropped a pretty unique 'lockpicking' script that brings to mind a certain game set in post apocalyptia.
I'd love a video of this, but for now, this still will have to suffice!

Free Stuff

A free top-down low poly character:
Tarkus1971 put out a new track called 'the realization' -
Piratemyke is continuing to provide interesting free models (in a sense) made with the EBE:

Third Party Tools and Tutorials

Nothing new this week.

Random Acts of Creativity (WIPs)

Karmacomposer posted a sneakpeak of his current work:
Not bad! Though with these entities I'm sure the optimization phase will be an absolute bear.  Good luck on your project, Karma. Details available here:

 Maha25 posted an interesting screenshot of a Jungle-based project called N.D.A. -

You can get more details here:

Ramiro has a new project (Psalm of Salem)on their way:

For more details, click here:

In My Own Works

My 3 proofers have basically been working at getting their updates done, which I have to incorporate into the book while simultaneously doing a first draft edit.  Initial feedback is very positive. I also have my editor looking at it so he can make appropriate changes to help cram this in as quick as possible.  Next week will be me making pictures and formatting changes.  Then I *crosses fingers* will be done.

Monday, January 7, 2019

This Week in GameGuru - 01/07/2019

Happy New Year, folks! With a new year undoubtedly will come new changes!

Official GameGuru News

This week we have the official update of PBR assets to the Fantasy Pack -
And I have to say they look quite impressive indeed.  Much better quality than previous PBR re-skins in my opinion.

What's Good in the Store

This week we have some interesting products available:

It's nice to see Dagored getting back into GG projects.  His attack drones have a pretty nice animation to them and are definitely a solid choice.  M2Design continues to add more buildings and shacks.  I personally would be leery of that suspiciously good looking jet fighter as it likely is someone else's work that snuck it's way onto the store and will likely be removed shortly.

One promising piece of work that isn't yet released yet is Openload's RPG-style inventory system.

The screenshots look fantastic and I'm sure it will end up on the store in the near future so keep an eye out.

Free Stuff

Graphix made some nice stuff you can get from his pack.  Check out some of it here:

The new stuff is an ammo bag and a lightsaber-style weapon.

Third Party Tools and Tutorials

A pretty interesting discussion on getting FBX with animations to .X was had over here:

You can also glean some really interesting ideas from PirateMyke's EBE structure thread here:

Random Acts of Creativity

Guns of solo released an update and I have to say it's looking mighty fine!

Apparently he's hard at work at trying to improve framerate. More details can be found here but overall I like the direction this project is heading! 

Some other new projects have shown, looks like a new year means more projects!

CorzaX has a tropical island game he's working on. It looks like it's coming along well. 

Nier is working on a fantasy/medieval game and so far the screenshots look pretty good.
It's always nice to see someone making a custom HUD.

Maha25 has a jungle-style shooter as well that has some fairly decent atmospherics.

Synchromesh put together a fantastic video of the new AI as a Demo but I have to say the level itself looks great too!

So all in all it's proving to be a fairly busy January!

In My Own Works

Works is progressing rapidly.  I am doing my first pass over the manuscript, have 3 proof-readers reading the work AND sent the preliminary copy to my personal editor.  Hopefully by next week mid-week I'll be in a much better position for this to move forward.  I also have about 140 pictures to take for the book so that's going to be a solid couple of days progress as well.

Proofers are giving me good reports though, saying it's going to be great for people to have all this info in one place.  Looks good so far!

Monday, December 31, 2018

This Week in GameGuru - 12/31/2018

Well I hope you all enjoyed your Holidays. Here in Pennsylvania my family had a great Christmas together.  It was nice to see family I'd not seen in a while.

With that, I skipped last week for the Holiday and am back to provide you with your regularly scheduled updates on GameGuru!

Official GameGuru News

The most recent update was here:

Specifically this update fixes some geometry issues with the buildings pack, which many of us received as compensation for our earlier donations to the FPSC:Reloaded project. This is the first release of fixes done by Graphix and it looks pretty dang good.  Like we're finally going to see some forward progress on some very old models that brings them up to a more reasonable standard. 

It sounds like they'll be dialing back on the regular DLC updates for now as it seemed the general consensus was that it was getting out of hand.

What's Good in the Store

A note to store sellers - recently stricter guidelines have been implemented for large media images. You can get the full details here:

Teabone has been... really busy over his holiday.  Color me impressed.

Some of these are some fantastic scripts, notably the dynamic water droplets and weapon hud wheel.  These are good bits of code and I'm totally in for buying access to them... once I pay off the Christmas gift bills.  That said, he does sell his scripts as a pack for a low price:

Also on the store this week Gtox put up a model that initially looked so-so but having watched the video I have to say the attack animation is great.  It happens akin to a jump scare so it's a fairly unique entity.

You can get a copy or watch the video here:

A seller named simply 'ThatModelGuy' put together a pretty nice looking fast-food style booth.  I have several of these but I have to say this one is a nice build with a very good looking model that fits cleanly.

It's on sale for a dollar here:

A new composer has placed his works on the store and there are a substantial amount to look at.  Take a look at his artist page here:

Free Stuff - Graphix put together a great road barrier with an animation for those interested, he also created a full download of every model he's ever done in one easy link here:

Honkeyboy made a map massively larger than the basic map and there's some interesting stuff in this thread about how to make it function properly.

Bod made a pretty sweet radio for download:

JPH-Games made several building packs for christmas, however there's no zip link so... I guess we'll circle back on this one.

Third Party Tools and Tutorials

How to use Graphix's explosions:

Tarkus1971 put up his own site with media:

Random Acts of Creativity (WIPs)


De-tachment by "SuperMasGamer" looks promising but lacks any gameplay videos, only has a few cutscenes and promo reels cut.  Check out the pretty well put together cutscene here:

In My Own Works

The book is in the fun phase, the point where I send it to proofreaders and my personal editor to clean up and revise.  I also get to re-read all 135k words and fix any glaringly obvious mistakes, reorganize, and the like.  The content, however, is essentially done.  I also got good news from someone with respect to building weapons so I'm hoping I can have those added in time for the game itself to be included with it by June. From a content standpoint though, I'm essentially done!  I did a huge amount of research over the past few weeks for how to use the model importer, learned quite a lot about it.  Surprising how much power is actually under the hood when you take the time to learn about it.