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Monday, December 11, 2017

This week in Game-Guru 12/11/2017


So we've all had a week or so to chew on the new Public Preview aka Open Beta of the PBR-enabled, DX11 configured Game Guru and.... it's buggy.  I mean it's good in a lot of ways, but it's seriously buggy.  I myself have encountered numerous problems with existing media's implementation (mostly based around the old shaders having lack of compatibility with DX11).  This is going to break a lot of people's old media which may not be a bad thing.  I personally am starting to wonder why Lee didn't just split this off into a separate project.  Doing it this late in the game seems ... a lot riskier now that it's actually reached beta phase.

With respect to my own works I tested my Lighting Kit and Weather System.  The Lighting system works fine.  The Weather system requires some adjustment.

Primarily you have to:
  • Open your GG folder.  Mine is in c:\program files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\game-guru
  • Open the files subfolder, then the effectbank subfolder, then the reloaded subfolder.
  • Edit settings.fx in notepad.  Find this line: // #define ADDSKYBOXFOG 
  • Remove the // from the front.  Save the file.
  • Edit the setup or settings (i can't recall and will update this later), find forceloadtestgameshaders=0, change it to a 1, save it.
  • Restart game-guru.
That takes care of the fog issue not affecting the sky.
To update the  weather so it works (I will update my system after public preview becomes an official release so if you don't want to do this part, just wait):
  • Find the bagweather decal folder in your game-guru entitybank/purchased/bag folder.  
  • Edit the FPE file(s) for each weather decal.  Change effect_animate64.fx to decal_animate64.fx

I'm hoping Preben and Lee get this stuff sorted and these bugs sifted for a good release post-new years.


Unfortunately people are clearly winding down for the holidays so not much activity going on the store at the moment.

Lots and lots of sales though.

One new thing on the store is Tazman's bloody snowmen.  If you want that kind of thing, it's there for you.


In the world of free scripts and objects we have some really excellent stuff this week.
Amenmoses has produced a script which does some pretty impressive things with balls and physics.  Specifically it drops/spawns balls from the air which actually respond to physics after spawning.  Impressive stuff.  Check it out here:

Graphix has provided some really nice PBR-enabled free barrels!

Bod has given us more goodies this week - primarily a hay bale, pitchfork, and this neat laptop:

But this week everyone got eclipsed by LOTGD's release of several character for free use.  They are of exceptionally high quality.  I for one am humbled by this offering as it's really the kind of thing you'd expect to pay 5+ dollars on the store for.   You can find that here:

There's also this nifty scorpion he made on the same thread here:


Looks like Bored Of The Rings (BOTR) released the newest version of his heightmap to GG tool.  This tool now has a functional GUI and some better tuned settings.  Definitely check it out!


In the randomly creative arena we've got some real winners this week but I think this one takes the cake:

I mean wow, this literally makes my week. SCHNEEKY has also made a Christmas-time Yule log, which was pretty cleanly done.

And in the realm of actually 'Holy crap this should get released' works of creativity:
Duchenkuke has done some really amazing things with his "Cold Contract" game.  Looks absolutely awesome, the lighting is great!

Keep a real close eye on this one.  This is going to be a real show-stopper once it's released.

Monday, December 4, 2017

This week in Game-Guru 12/4/2017

Welcome back to my second update.  We've seen some HUGE updates this week.


First and foremost, the public preview was released this week.  The 'beta' is now a public beta.   Get in there and test!  I ran into a problem installing mine that required me to update certain elements of my Windows 7 OS to fix a D3DDIRECT_47.dll not found error.   Other than that though, it works great.  I've had a few assets with problems and am yet to test my own products but as soon as I can verify their function I'll note that here.

More info is available here:

PBR Assets look great!

Beware though; this is a test version.  It's not all there yet and so it's best to make a backup before you continue.  I personally copied my 50+GB of assets and GG to a backup folder.  If you can't afford that kind of space, then I'd recommend either getting another drive or putting a copy on (you get like 15GB free there).


The store this week has some interesting December sales which are worth looking at.  Artists range from "The Wizard of Id", "that model guy" and "grobyken" all having several models or packs up to individual packs like Teabone's new warning sign set.

These high quality clutter objects cost only 70 cents.. TOTAL!  For the whole pack!
Teabone's done a fantastic job of creating high quality assets that are extremely affordable but possibly more importantly - they are very useful!  I have several signs from older packs that just don't measure up.  They look chunky and out of date.  These signs are clear, easy to read, are well lit but yet still have just the right amount of grunge to keep them from looking out of place.

Also on the store I noticed this gem from an artist I've only seen the occasional piece from: AlexGCC.  I took a look and noticed two separate products which appear relatively new that are of pretty excellent quality:

The Arcade will go well with EAI's set and the playground will go well with dagored's Carnival.
They're both reasonably priced so definitely give these and his other interesting products a look!


As always, there's a veritable bevy of free stuff available on the Game-Guru forums.  This week we have a nice freebie from Wolf, a set electrical boxes which he's also put up on the store as well.  I have several of his 'junction box' sets and I've noticed a clear trend upwards in terms of quality and technical skill.  Of note are the illuminated lights on the boxes.

The perfect touch for all your cyberpunk set dressing needs.
Also on the forums it appears Bod's been at it again.  Now if you don't know Bod, you should.  He's made a titanic mass of free stuff over the past few years.  While his art style and approach might limit other assets you can use with it, it does definitely fill a role and niche.  Very often he's got things you simply can't find anywhere else.  Or things that you'd pay a fair penny for on the store.

In this case he's been working on a ton of railroad assets.  This week he's added a switching booth which looks great.  It's probably one of his best physical models for buildings that I've seen so far.

His texturing is really going places.

At some point I'm going to take all my free assets and open up a google drive with them so people can access them freely in the future.  It'd be a shame if this stuff just fell off into oblivion from lack of upkeep or if the forums went away.

The interior on this building is top notch.  I love the way it turned out.
One final one to look at is this thread: which has a repository of all of "tarkus1971"s hard work.  He's got some interesting things there but most notably he has been adding lots of great music for free use in your games.


In the world of third party tools, it looks like BOTR's 'HeightMap to Game-Guru' tool is getting a new user interface which will really help with it's function.  On top of that he's added a preview mode which should REALLY shave time off pulling maps from and importing them into Game-Guru. Granted I'm really thankful for a free tool like this but I have to admit it's always nice when it becomes truly functional.

This is going to massively help level development for Game-Guru!

Also of note is that OldPMan's "normalizator" tool has apparently reached a new stage of development and will be offered shortly on the store.  Per OldPMan himself:

"Hello everybody!
I'm happy to report that I finally recovered the lost source code "NORMALIZATOR". So I added a height channel and several auxiliary functions, this is copying the image from layer to layer, cropping the image and copying / pasting the selected part of the image. Fixed several bugs.
Now I will have all my time in touch and any questions will not be left without attention.

Concerning people who donated to the development of the application, I sent everyone emails with the keys for NORMALIZATOR in the tgcstore store. I noticed that not all of the keys I sent were activated, if for some reason you did not receive a letter with a key from me, write me a PM and I will give you instructions for obtaining a key in the tgcstore store.

The new version will soon be available at the tgcstore store, now in the status of approval.

For those who expect STEAM version, now you can get access to the closed beta test of the application, just write me a PM and I'll send you the key for access via STEAM client."


So there's a lot of activity going into the holidays with projects.  I have a lot to cover here.

Let's start from the top!
First up we have MrEaKing(YT)'s 'Santa's Workshop(1 week challenge)'.  What can I say?  He's retextured assets and modified some of the soldiers to provide a shall we say a truly 'unique' experience.

Beyond that we have Dark Harbour; Honkeyboy's newest attempt at making a Skyrim Style game which will undoubtedly push the boundaries of how many assets Game-Guru can run without crashing.  He's got some interesting crafting scripts in there that he's working on and it's definitely got some work behind it.

Of particular note here is AmenMoses's 'asteroids-ish thingy'.  AmenMoses is the maker of the quaternion library for Game Guru and he uses it for rotation in very impressive fashion.

I'll have to play with it later but should run great, knowing AmenMoses.
Beyond that we have some updates to the Cogwheel Chronicles 1 and LenTheMan's Cowboy shooter.  Lots of good stuff in the pipeline.

Personally I have my own projects as well that are stalled out but will revive after the new year.  Lots of things to work on and do.  I'd like to get some stuff done for Christmas but it's really going to be tight at this rate.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

This week in Game-Guru 11/28/2017

So I've decided to start updating *MORE REGULARLY* than I did previously.  There's a lot of things coming for Game-Guru and it's worth reviewing in one place.  So I'm going to begin to try to encapsulate that as often as I can in digest format.


First of all, progress on the Game-Guru update to PBR/DX11 & bugfixes are coming along nicely.  Recent updates can be found here:

Most recent engine update progress

Lee has basically indicated he's in the bugfixing phase and he's squashing them in pretty rapid fashion.  I'd list them all here but he's put in over 40 items in the changelog this week alone.

He's also giving us a test level to work with that will take an older demo map and show off the fully upgraded engine's capabilities.


There's a whole host of new products on the store.  Notably very capable artists such as Wolf, Mad Lobster's Workshop, Bugsy and others are adding some really great things.

BSP's newest rifle looks phenomenal!
Don't forget to grab your free 'thank you sky' from my store here: 

Just one picture of one of my best skies ever, free for you all :)

One thing of note is that Ken "AKA Grobyken"  has made some pretty stunning progress in his work.  He attributes it to using some new tools for development.  I personally can't say I'd have the same success if I had better tools.

I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye or three on his upcoming works.


Of note this week is Bod (of Bod's Mods fame) has made a very impressive free train set.  It includes Three steamers, a rail model, a coal car, a dining car with functioning doors, and a caboose.  The art is his signature style with clean and simple graphics.

It's something I'm surprised isn't selling on the store for a few dollars, but honestly I'm happy for the free stuff, as usual.


Obviously my Light Kit is now available on the store, which does in a sense count as third party tools, however the big news here is that it appears that BOTR's  'terrain heightmap importer', 'autowelder', and 'entity welder' are all getting updates.

The one of primary interest to me will be the terrain heightmap importer, which has fit a crucial slot in Game-Guru development by providing us a simple and clean way to import heightmaps directly into the engine.

"for version 1.2, I quickly added a progress bar and will get a fully functional GUI implemented so you don't have to keep editing/saving the .INI file. added .tga format also."

For those who are using it, my personal recommendation is to use terrainxscale = 1, terrainyscale = 6.5 or 7.5 (10-32 if you want especially dramatic elevation changes), and a water level of about 450.  This should give you the best results.


This is where I plan to put anything in the realm of game demos or videos which are of special consideration for any reason I deem fit :)

First off, we have a really impressive demo of the now updated Cogwheel Chronicles.  It features airship to airship combat done in Game-Guru and is striking to me as a Lua coder at the sheer volume of work that went into making this work.

And lastly there's this great Holiday video done by often quiet forum member shn33ky.  He's done a really good job of recreating a beer commercial from years gone by.

Oh.. and somehow I got user of the month for the first time in four years.  What the heck?  Well, ok then :)  Glad someone's appreciating the work I put into this stuff.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Latest tidbits

So lately I've been exceptionally busy preparing for my house to be sold.
That said I've found time to complete my lightkit, place it on the store and begin selling it.
I also made a tutorial video.

Warning: I'm a terrible video editor.

The item on the store is located here:

Also I've gone through the trouble of collating important information on Game-Guru (as I've found it) into a reference list.  I used to keep this as a sort of 'private page' but now I'm opening it up to everyone else.  It can be found on the sidebar but here's a direct link in case you can't find it:

I've also added '' as a site in my sidebar list as well.  He's been around a while and has some good scripts as well as tutorial videos on youtube.  Definitely check him out!

Beyond that there's some interesting stuff coming but we are all waiting with baited breath for the latest GG update.

Friday, November 10, 2017

New project in the works

With respect to projects, I don't know why I choose to do more hard work when I am already busting my buns trying to prep my house for sale.  However, I have some really great stuff in the pipeline.  Primarily I'm working on a toolkit (in the prototyping phase) which will allow pretty heavy duty control of dynamic lights in Game Guru.

We're talking script-based controls of lights which will allow very functional utility for the average game-maker.  It will also be competitively priced, by that I mean very affordable :)  Right now I'm looking at putting it up for around 3.50 or so.

That's what's going on.  I'll post a video here once I finish a few more lighting systems for demoing.

So far I have about half of the following:
  • A steady strobing effect
  • A random strobing effect
  • A 'campfire' effect
  • A light up on trigger zone
  • Several  lights simultaneously
  • Several lights sequentially
  • A single light moving in a pattern
  • Several strobes at once
  • Several strobes in sequence
This should provide some really excellent controls for new and existing users to work with dynamic lights.  As the updates come I'll add further functionality too, for free, to purchasers.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Something's wonky with blogger.

I'm getting 3x the pageviews with unlabelled posts vs ones that have meta tags for easy searching.